Do you need new winter tires for your Kia?

winter tires for your Kia

Your winter tires are a critical safety component of your Kia. They ensure that you can have the best possible experience and complete peace of mind on the road when the weather outside gets cold and the snow starts to fall. That said, you may be wondering if your winter tires are still in good condition to face the difficult roads that are waiting in the next few months. The following article should help!

Measure the tread depth of your winter tires

To be safe and effective, winter tires have to have a tread depth of at least 4.8 mm. This is very important because anything less at the beginning of winter means that your tires will likely go below 4 mm of tread depth before the end of the season. And anything below 4 mm is considered dangerous and will certainly impact the stability and capability of your vehicle this winter.

Think back to last winter

Think back to how your winter tires handled winter last year. Ultimately, how your winter tire behaves is a great indicator of quality and if you felt like your winter tires were having a tough time dealing with snow and ice towards the end of last winter, you will want to replace them regardless of how deep the tread is. The most important thing is that you are confident and feel safe on the road.

Replacing your winter tires with a new set means that you will go through winter with your Kia offering the highest level of stability and confidence and peace of mind on the road. That is what you want out of your Kia, if you felt like last winter, you weren't getting that and you noticed a decrease in the performance of your winter tires, don't hesitate to have the replaced.

Winter tire age

Winter tires can still lose their effectiveness even if their tread depth is more than 4.8 mm. After about 30,000 km, most winter tires will no longer be effective. If you had your winter tires for three or four seasons on your Kia vehicle, now might be a good time to have them replaced. Give our winter tire centre a call, and let our experts find the right winter tires for your Kia!