Five Kia technologies that make every journey safer

Five Kia technologies

Kia vehicles have always been known to offer exceptional safety and current 2022 models are no exception. Here are five technologies that you will find on Kia vehicles that make every journey more enjoyable and safer for you and your passengers.

Blind spot information system

Not only does the Kia blind spot information system allow you to see if another vehicle is in your blind spot, but the technology also has the ability to make subtle adjustments to steering in order to prevent you from going into the other lane when another vehicle is present.

Collision avoidance

Your Kia is equipped with impressive automatic braking capability which includes the ability to detect other vehicles and pedestrians. If the system detects one of these objects, it can automatically apply the brakes to make sure that a collision does not occur. You shouldn't rely on this system but it certainly is very useful should the unexpected happened.

Rear collision avoidance

The Kia rear collision avoidance system is designed to detect vehicles that may be approaching when you are backing up and the system can then automatically apply the brakes if needed to prevent a collision.

Lane departure prevention

If you are about to deviate from your lane, your Kia will detect that and is able to bring you back to the centre of the lane to avoid your vehicle crossing over and a potential collision. Give us a call today to learn more. Depending the Kia model that you have, your vehicle can also follow the lane and keep you in the middle to ensure the safest experience possible on the road while also ensuring more peace of mind on the road.