Getting your Kia Ready for Fall

Getting your Kia Ready for Fall

Fall is almost upon us and with every changing of the season comes time to take stock of your Kia car, SUV or minivan and make sure it’s ready to tackle the at first nice, but soon-to-be greasy and cold weather that’s to come.

Check the Tires, Check the Brakes

This may sound like more of a winter readiness thing, but that’s not entirely true. With fall comes all sorts of new debris on the ground such as fallen leaves and branches and that kind of stuff needs to be prepared for. Not to mention that we tend to do a lot of driving in the summer – especially when considering family road trips in warm weather – and that can put a strain on your tires. It can also mean your brake pads have picked up a few passengers on the way, so you want to make sure all that is accounted for before the inclement fall weather begins.

Check the Wipers

Here’s another one that seems like a winter special, but no. Remember all those warm weather days spent driving to the campsite or cabin? Well, you weren’t using the wipers much then, were you? If that’s correct, then there’s a chance you may not have picked up on the fact that your wiper blades are losing – or have lost – their flexibility or worse, have become cracked or damaged. That’s not the kind of thing you want to discover on the first fall downpour, right?

Check the Fluids

In addition to tire and wiper wear, heavy driving could lead to dirty oil and that’s why you want to make sure to have that checked before you’re stuck on the side of a cold road with a clogged oil filter. Also, be sure that your antifreeze and wiper fluid is good-to-go, because these are crucial to the performance of your car as you begin to use more of your heating system and so on.

Complete these checks, and let’s make fall driving in your Kia as easy and stress-free as possible!